This evening. . .

. . . I really feel blue. . . I don’t know what to do, I’m only able to cry. . . Cry, cry and try to forget all the emotions that I feel inside me. . . But I just can’t forget, it’s too hard for me. . . Only one thing makes me feel better, my best friend now is happy and so I’m happy for her. . . But. . . I’m not happy for me. . . I’m really sad. . . Anyway, thanks for your existence. . . I cannot live without you. . . Thanks for all the things that you do for me, thanks for everything you give me, only with a glance. . .
Goodnight and I hope that you will have beautiful dreams, just like you. . .

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Una risposta a This evening. . .

  1. jacopo ha detto:

    visto che ti piacciono gli anime, non puoi non passare a trovarmi…..
    ciao ciao


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